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Master of Advanced Studies in Applied Technology (MAS AT)

The MAS AT is designed for managers with limited or single science backgrounds who want to develop a better understanding of applied science and technology in order to take on more senior management and leadership roles in their company or industry. The purpose of the programme is to provide participants with a science and technology foundation that enables them to implement technology solutions to real world business problems and in so doing make them uniquely qualified for promotion and career advancement. See the programme description for more details about programme content and structure.


Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Applied Technology

The MAS AT programme has multiple CAS that may be followed individually without enrolment in the MAS if prerequisites are met and there is sufficient space available. An overview of the purpose and value of these CAS is available on the CAS Programmes page.


CAS in Applied Information Technology

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The CAS AIT is designed to provide a targeted information technology education to managers with backgrounds outside of IT for the purpose of accelerating their career.

Offered annually in September.

CAS in Applied Manufacturing Technology

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The CAS AMT educates managers and professionals who would like to broaden their knowledge of new production technologies through a targeted education in the design and manufacture of engineered products.

Offered annually in January.

CAS Applied Technology in Energy

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The CAS ATE provides managers and professionals with a deeper education in the rapidly evolving world of energy and electrification so they can better understand the ongoing “Energy Revolution” and shape the energy future of their company and industry.

Offered annually in April.

CAS in Applied Electronics & Digitization

The CAS AED provides a targeted education in the design and development of modern solid state electronic systems, which are foundational for the generation and processing of data in a digital world.

Offered annually in April.

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